Sqribble™ – The Truth Revealed & Special $150 Discount!

SqribbleHHey there, and thanks for stopping by my review of Sqribble™ – the new eBook creation software suite from Adeel Chowdhry.

In this short and to the point review I’ll attempt to provide you with all of the information that you might be need about the product in order to make an informed purchasing decision – and sharing my own personal opinion on it.

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So lets get right into looking at what this product is all about and who it mIght be a good fit for…

What Is Sqribble™ All About? – The Basic Info…

Sqribble™ is a new eBook creation software suite or “eBook Creator Studio” and training program created by Adeel Chowdhry.

As you may know there many software options such as Adobe Photoshop™ available for designing, formatting and publishing eBooks these days. That said I’m not aware of any others that provide everything needed to produce a professional looking eBook, including royalty free images and content creation software all in one package like Sqribble™ does.

In addition to the software tools, customers also receive a commercial license which allows you to create unlimited eBooks, reports and whitepapers that you are free to market and sell to clients as a service.

Sqribble™ customers also receive access to a library of HD training videos that go into detail on how to properly use the software.

How Does The Sqribble™ Software Work?

Sqribble™ was designed to make the process of designing a professional eBook easy and affordable.

Because Sqribble™ is a robust software suite there are a lot of options available when it comes to designing an eBook that I can’t explain in full here.

Luckily though the basic process is extremely simple.

Essentially the plan is to:

– Select a Template. Sqribble™ comes loaded with 50 eBook templates covering 15 of the most popular niche categories, (and hundreds more templates are included if you purchase the upsells.)

– Add Content. One of Sqribble’s™ unique features is that it comes with a built-in “content engine” of 1,000+ articles that can be instantly added to your eBook and used as-is royalty free, or edited to your liking. You can all paste in content, upload a doc file, or simple enter a url that you wish Sqribble™ to pull your content from.

– Customize Your eBook. After adding content you can simply select your desired color theme and make additional edits as you see fit such as adding, editing or deleting pages and other pages featured like headlines, text blocks, links, CTAs (call to action areas), images, dividers, buttons, bulleted lists and so forth.

– Press the “Generate” Button – and you’re all done!

What All Do You Get With Sqribble™?

As I mentioned Sqribble™ is a very robust suite of software with numerous components.

These components include:

– The All-In-One Sqribble™ Software

– 50 Unique Ebook Templates (more available with the upsells.)

– The “Automatic Content Engine”

– Automatic Table of Contents.

– Automatic headers and footers.

– Automatic page numbering.

– Drag and drop design interface.

– The ability to add unlimited pages

– The ability to add your own media.

– Fully customizable eBooks.

– 300+ modern fonts.

– 1000+ Stock Library.

*- Agency rights which allow you to potentially sell designs for profit. *

– A client management dashboard.

– 1-Click “Feedback Engine” to simplify communication with clients.

– FREE Agency Website.

* What Makes Sqribble™ So Different From Other eBook Design Software? *

* I’ve reviewed numerous marketing and design softwares over the years and I have to say that Sqribble™ is truly unique. Essentially it’s a first of its kind “all in one” eBook creation studio and training program. *

Why I Recommend Sqribble™?

There are several reasons, so I’ll just stick to the top 6 big ones for now:

*- You Don’t Need To Hire Professional Designers, PDF formatters, Content Creators or pay for any additional services to design and create your eBook… Getting a pro looking ebook designed, written and formatted can potentially cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. These costs can be intimidating for cash-strapped start up businesses, and draining to businesses who wish to publish new eBooks on an ongoing basis. With Sqribble these costs are essentially eliminated! *

*- Intuitive Drag & Drop Software Makes Sqribble™ Easy To Use With No Design Skills Necessary. Following up on the last point – Sqribble’s™ interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use which means you can personally design, format and publish your own professional looking PDFs without needing any design or tech skills whatsoever. These tasks can also potentially be delegated to your employees. *

– Instant Content Generator. Although the article database may not be suitable for all projects, it will surely be a huge time saver in cases where you need professionally written niche specific content in a hurry.

*- Agency Rights. Customers who own agency’s or provide freelance design services will likely appreciate the fact that Sqribble comes with a full commercial license that allows you to sell the eBooks you create, as well as complete ready-made agency website you can use to attract clients! *

*- Beautiful, Professional Looking Templates. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder – so calling these templates “beautiful” is really just my opinion – But you can judge them for yourself on the company website here. *

– Full Money Back Guarantee. Adeel is clearly confident (as I am) in this product, so he has made a full money back guarantee available to all customers, making this an essentially risk-free purchase.

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