PayKickstart™ Review – The Truth Revealed & Special Launch Pricing!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my review of Mark Thompson and Matt Callen’s new PayKickstart™ shopping cart & affiliate management solution.

My assumption is – If you are thinking about giving PayKickstarta try, then you are probably already quite successful with Internet marketing.

So, that being said – I’m sure you are a busy person, so I’m going to keep this review short and to the point, and hopefully give you all of the info you might be looking for about this super cool new shopping cart, and share my own personal opinion on it as a user myself…

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So lets jump right into looking at what this software is all about and who it might be a good fit for…

What Exactly Is PayKickstart™? – The Basic Info…

PayKickstart™ is a new shopping cart & affiliate management software system from two respected Internet marketing veterans, Mark Thompson and Matt Callen.

If you’ve been selling online for any amount of time then you know there are a ton of shopping carts and other types of platforms like Clickbank that you can use to sell your products.

*You may also be aware that choosing the right shopping cart can have a huge impact on your business’ bottom line! *

That being said, in this review I’ll do my best to explain how PayKickstart differentiates itself from its competitors and the other options that exist out there…

PayKickstart™ – The Main Features & Benefits:

*Obviously as a brand-new, state-of-the-art shopping cart and affiliate management solution with all the bells and whistles PayKickstart™ has a TON of cool features, and I certainly can’t explain everything here. *

*The main selling points though – the things that really got me – are the fact that it is SIMPLE and POWERFUL. *

That’s what it comes down to for me.

*It’s simple enough to use, to get things done quickly and without headaches. *

*And it’s powerful in that it has all of the features you need built right into it so you get it to do what you want tit to do right out of the box. *

That said, lets take a look at what I think are the most important features that you should be aware of:

*Integrates With Pretty Much EVERYTHING *

Personally I don’t have a tech team, and I don’t like hiring contractors to do tech stuff for me unless I absolutely have to, so it’s super important to me that my shopping cart integrates automatically with the other softwares I use to run my business.

Luckily PayKickstart integrates with just about every well known application I can think of including payment gateways like Paypal, Braintree,, Stripe, EasyPayDirect and so on.

I was going to list everything it integrates including the webinar platforms, the email marketing services, the fulfillment companies, and everything else… But that would just take up too much space!

And all that stuff is listed on the official PayKickstart website here.

Sick Affiliate Management Features

*If your business utilizes affiliates to promote your offers then you’ll be glad to know that this PayKickstart shopping cart is also a full fledged affiliate management platform – with features you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. *”

What kind of affiliate management features?

Well, there’s an “at-a-glance” management view that allows you to see all of your affiliates’ commissions to date, their pending commissions, their individual refund rates, etc… The ability to set both instant and delayed commissions, the ability to offer lifetime commissions, lead and CPA tracking with built in fraud protection tools, a real-time leaderboard widget for affiliate contests, an automated bonus delivery system if you want to let your affiliates offer their own bonuses, tracking tools for your affiliates so they can add sub-IDs and all that so they can run their campaigns properly, an affiliate pay-out management interface, and the list goes on and on!

Tons Of Selling Tools

As a shopping cart, obviously the main point is to close sales seamlessly and to get that cart value as high as possible.

Luckily PayKickstart™ has lots of cool tools to help with these including: the ability to offer both one-off sales as well as recurring subscription, Payment Plans – so your customers can pay off big purchases in smaller installments, “Checkout Pop-Up Widgets” so you can make sales without your customers even needing to leave the sales page, a digital download interface so your customers can securely access their purchases, the ability to offer free and paid trials, a magnificent library of checkout page templates – (these are all customizable using the using their point-and-click template editor!) and the library includes both one-step and multi-step templates, the ability to embed checkout forms on your own custom built checkout page, check out page translation, the ability to offer one-click upsells, order bumps, coupon codes, and more!

Clear Reporting & Metrics

This is key.

When you are busy running a business you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out what the numbers are. You want them presented clearly so you can see what’s what and then take the necessary action.

The dashboard is clear, and gives you all the info you need in one place without any of the unnecessary clutter you’ll find elsewhere.

You can also quickly generate revenue reports, conversion reports, subscription and churn reports and so forth, quickly and easily.

I should also note that the affiliate reports are also very clear and helpful, which is a huge plus for affiliates, because as an affiliate I can tell you most of the affiliate platforms I deal with are super disappointing in the reporting department.

More Features?

You can also set up partner contracts to automatically take care of revenue sharing.

You get the ability to take offline orders by entering transactions manually.

You can set user permissions so your employees or contractors can have limited access.

Plus they made a mobile app so you can run things from your phone, get sales notifications and so forth!

*By now you can probably tell that PayKickstart basically has more features than any other cart out there. “*

It’s pretty intense.

And I didn’t even get to the demographics features that build out ridiculously in-depth demographic profiles about each of your customers, the ability to customize your affiliates tracking link domain, the uptime monitoring, the ability to segment your customers, the transaction event logs, or the licensing system you can use to secure software or apps that you are selling licenses for…

*Just a crazy amount of cutting edge features. *

PayKickstart™ – Everything You Get:

So we just ran through all of the features that you get when you sign up for PayKickstart™…

However in addition to getting access to the shopping cart/affiliate management software there are also some special bonuses that are being offered, for free, during the official launch period.

Full disclosure – I haven’t gone through any of this training or used this software yet. But you get it free so I wanted to tell you about it.

These bonuses include:

“Seller Kickstart: 6-Week Product Creation & Marketing Workshop”

This extensive training shows you how to create information products and software, that the market is clamoring for, even on a tiny budget.

A helpdesk software called “TicketHub Helpdesk Software”

Access to “Traffic Spy” software.

A training program called “Traffic Backdoor” that teaches you eight little-known, fast-working traffic generation methods.

You also get a lifetime license for a live chat application called “BoxCar” that allows you to have one-on-one chats, which could obviously be helpful both for boosting your conversions, as well as for providing support to your customers.

PayKickstart™ VS Other Carts – The Pros & Cons…

*PRO #1 Has All Off Today’s Sought After Features. I went over most of the most exciting features above. It’s a lot. I’m also very familiar with the features offered by other carts, and as far as I can tell PayKickstart has them all whooped. I really don’t see anything lacking here. *

PRO #2 No Transaction Fees. If you’ve ever sold products on a platform like Clickbank or JVZoo you may have been shocked at what a large chunk they end up taking out of every sale. Sure selling on those platforms does have some benefits but realistically they are taking a sizable slice of your earnings via these fees. While PayKickstart™ does cost a few bucks a month (better deal is to get it annually) if you are planning on doing any kind of volume then your subscription fee will quickly become a tiny fraction of a percentage of your earnings. 

*PRO #3 Excellent Customer Support. I think its really annoying when I sign up for a new product/service and then when I run into problems I can’t get anybody on the phone to help me out, especially when I paid a premium price. The great thing about PayKickstart™ is that while their product is actually really affordable, they still deliver a super high level of customer service. Give it a try and see for yourself. *

CON #1 Some Say Not Super Intuitive. I’ve heard some people say that the user interface could be more intuitive. Maybe they are right. Personally I haven’t had a problem with it and I think they should stop whining. But y’know everybody is different in this regard. Certainly I don’t think that a lack of intuitiveness is a big enough problem to discourage using it.

Why I Recommend PayKickstart™?

Lets face it there are a lot of shopping carts out there today and picking the right one for your business can seem like a huge effort.

*That being said I think PayKickstart is currently the best option available. *

*Simply put – it has every option you need, a great price, and great support. *

*It’s the whole package. *

About The PayKickstart™ Discount?

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