Parallel Profits™ The Truth Revealed & $494 Discount!

Parallel ProfitsHey, thanks for stopping by my review of Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth’s new Parallel Profits™ program.

In this short and to the point review I’ll do my best to provide you with all the information you may be looking for about Parallel Profits™ – and then I’ll also give you my own personal opinion on it.

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What Is Parallel Profits™ All About? – The Basic Info…

* Parallel Profits™ is a brand new business training program that teaches you how to sell online services (like web design and SEM services) to local business clients, and build up a base of these clients who you can then set up to pay you on a recurring monthly basis. *

Granted – there are already a number of training programs on the market that teach methods for attracting local clients, and selling digital marketing services. That said, I’m not aware of any other courses on this subject that were created by people with the kind of background in business education that Aidan and Steve have.

There are also a few “twists” as Steve and Aidan refer to them that make this program very different and unique, namely:

Steve Clayton & Aidan Booth– Parallel Profits members have the option of working with Steve and Aidan as part of franchise, meaning that you can use all of Aidan and Steve’s marketing materials, and don’t need to worry about branding, copywriting, building a website, or doing any of the tedious tasks usually associated with building your own digital marketing agency.

– You don’t even need to worry about finding places to outsource the services you sell, as Steve and Aidan already have teams in place that can handle fulfillment of all marketing services.

*- Steve and Aidan have lead generation tools and systems (such as email autoresponders) that you can use to get new clients into your marketing funnel and sell to them, thus eliminating the need for you to participate in any kind of face-to-face interactions with prospective customers. This may prove particularly helpful if you don’t enjoy or have experience with selling and closing sales! *

How Does Parallel Profits™ Work?

Obviously as a high-level business training program there is a lot to it and I certainly can’t explain everything here.

Luckily however the basic system is extremely simple.

Essentially the plan is to:

– Launch your website using the tested layouts, email capture forms and autoresponder integrations provided (You can also set everything up as a franchise which eliminates the need for your own branding, website, etc…)

– Activate the sales funnels you’ll be using to get leads (all this is explained in great detail inside the program.)

– Send marketing materials to your leads.

– Secure customers.

– Deliver online services (such as web design, development, SEO, hosting, content creation and so forth – all of which can be delivered by Steve and Aidan’s teams or easily outsourced elsewhere.)

* One of the goals mentioned on Steve and Aidan’s website is to reach a run rate of $100K+/year in profit. Based of the average monthly fees collected by Steve and Aidan’s agency this can apparently be achieved with just 7 sales/clients. *

* From there you can choose to replicate what you are already doing to scale your business, revenue and profits indefinitely. * 

What All Do You Get In The Parallel Profits™ Program?

Now we can take a look at the actual training that you will receive inside the member’s area. Again this is a very robust training program, so we’ll go over the basics…

In addition to the numerous HD video training modules, you also receive strategy manuals, mind maps, a weekly webinar series and more.

The main components are:

The Master Blueprint

As the name implies, this training shows you (via over-the-shoulder style training videos) everything that you need to do, step-by-step to build yourself a digital agency from the ground up.

The Lead Accelerator

How to generate targeted leads, including all of the tools and services Steve and Aidan use to generate leads in their own agency.

The Engagement Engine

This suite of automated “engagement tools” includes a special audit tool you can use to impress perspective customers by analyzing their websites, business reviews and the like and then showing them how you can improve things for them. You also get access to Steve and Aidans tested email marketing sequences which are intended​ to do the heavy lifting of converting your leads into sales.

The Instant Asset Machine

This includes: a pre-designed website, a custom designed landing page that’s designed for conversions, brochures, business cards, and additional ready to use marketing materials.

The Delivery Hub

This is where you go after you have secured a paying client. Instead of worrying about outsourcing these services elsewhere you can have Steve and Aidan’s experts deliver everything from fully built websites, to SEM services, to content creation. You simply provide them with the details, and they deliver the services.

The Private Community

This is a private Facebook group where you can network with other members, get updates, access to new training and learn new techniques to grow your business.

Specialist Support

This is where you can get coaching and support from Steve and Aidan’s team of coaches via email.

* What Makes This Program So Different From Other Course On Providing Online Services To Local Clients? *

* I’ve reviewed numerous business trainings over the years and I have to say that this system is truly unique. Essentially it’s an entirely new approach to building a digital marketing agency where they do all the grunt work for you. *

Why I Recommend Parallel Profits™?

There are many reasons, so I’ll just stick to the top 5 big ones for now:

– Steve & Aidan’s Track Record. These guys have made quite a name for themselves. The fact that in addition to running a highly successful digital agency they have sold tens of millions of dollars in products on Amazon, tens of millions of dollars worth of their own digital business training courses, and have taught over 100,000 students worldwide pretty much speaks for itself.

– Astounding Student Success Stories. Steve and Aidan have been teaching this kind of stuff for many years and have generated a ton of success stories. In particular this new Parallel Profits™ system has generated some pretty incredible wins for their students. You can check out some of their most impressive success stories and testimonials on their website here.

– You Don’t Need A Website, Don’t Need To Buy Traffic, Don’t Need To Close Sales In Person, Etc… Okay this is a few reasons rolled into one. The basic idea here is that you don’t need to do any of the costly, monotonous or uncomfortable things most people need to do when setting up any type of online business. This is a good thing, for many reasons, especially because it makes getting started much less intimidating.

* – No Barrier To Entry. Let’s face it, starting a new business of any kind typically requires a good bit of capital, and/or a set of specialized skills. However with this program you can theoretically get started making high-ticket sales right away, and you don’t need to know anything technical about the services your company is proving in order to sell them. * 

– Full Money Back Guarantee. Steve and Aidan are clearly confident (as I am) in this product, so they have a full money back guarantee available, making this an essentially risk-free purchase.

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