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Laura Pennington

My Freelance Paycheck creator Laura Pennington

Hello, and welcome to my review of Laura Pennington’s new “My Freelance Paycheck™” program.

My hope is that this concise review will give you all of the critical information that you may need about this product so that you can make an informed purchasing decision!

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So without further ado lets jump right into it and start taking a look at what My Freelance Paycheck™ is all about and whether or not it might be a good fit for you…

What Is My Freelance Paycheck™ All About? – The Basic Info…

My Freelance Paycheck™ is an online training program that provides detailed information about the opportunities currently available in the field of freelance writing and provides step-by-step instructions on how to start working as a freelancer writer.

* The program was created by Laura Pennington, a former Baltimore Maryland schoolteacher. Laura apparently felt overworked and underpaid in her job as a teacher so she decided to transition into working for herself as a freelance content writer. Long story short – Laura quickly began making more income as a freelancer that she was in her day job (achieving six figures profit in her first 18 months) so she began freelancing full time and went on to become a freelance writing expert. Today Laura shares her expertise by teaching others how they to can become sucessful in this field. *

How Does One Get Started As A Freelance Writer?

While many people may be aware that there are some great opportunities available for freelance writers, getting started in this line of work may seem intimidating.

Unlike more traditional careers, the path to a career (or part-time work) as a freelancer can seem unclear and confusing. Unlike working as a teacher for example – where you need a degree and a state certification – working as a freelance writer does not typically require any such credentials.

* The good news is that working as a freelancer is much simpler. In essence, one must simply find a potential client who is seeking a freelancer and submit writing samples to this potential client. If the client approves and hires you, then that’s all there is to it, you simply start writing and you are in business. *

This all being said there are many aspects of working as a freelancer that can trip a person up when they are first getting started. For instance knowing where to find good freelancing gigs, and knowing how to properly market oneself as a freelancer can mean the difference between getting off to a good start and wasting a lot of time on the wrong jobs and clients.

This is, in my opinion the great benefit of Laura’s program – you get to leverage her expertise!

What Do You Get With The My Freelance Paycheck™ Program?

The main training course includes is a written (PDF) version.

However Laura is currently also including several extra bonuses and free gift including both an audio version of My Freelance Paycheck, as well as a “Private Tour” video version comprised of 23 short HD videos.

As soon as you order, you’ll be able to log in to the secure member’s area where you can access all of the content. One nice feature is that Laura provides a “Quick Start Guide” so that you knwo exactly where to begin so that you can get started taking action and implementing her strategy right away.

Both the written and audio versions contain essentially the same content which provides step-by-step instructions on how to get started as a freelancer writer.

Beyond the basics the training also covers a wide range of topics relating to working to this field such as the best practices for onboarding clients, how to politely “fire” clients you’d prefer to sever your relationship with, the client interaction skills necessary to land your ideal jobs and retain your preferred clients for the long haul, and much more.

The “Private Tour” video version may prove very helpful because it allows you to simply follow along and copy what Laura does. This way you can look over her shoulder and see exactly how she finds lands clients and so forth so that that you don’t need to try to figure out anything complicated by yourself.

In addition to the audio and video version bonuses Laura is also currently including additional free training modules including:

*- 2 free “lost chapters”: “Deeper Dive Into Determining Writing Rates” and “Why You MUST Have Amazing Work Samples” which provides tips on creating writing samples that can help attractive the most lucrative clients. *

– “Freelance Project Response Templates” that can save time by allowing you to fill in the blanks and respond to clients in a polished, professional manner.

– “Success Multipliers” which gives you 25 more “insider secrets” from the other successful freelancers on how to grow a successful freelancing business.

Why I Recommend My Freelance Paycheck™?

There are a number of reasons, I feel good about recommending this training, but here are the top 5:

*- Laura’s Expertise. Because Laura has become so successful as a freelancer you may agree that it makes good sense to leverage her knowledge and proven systems rather than trying to figure everything out for yourself. *

*- Clear Step-By-Step Instructions. If you are planning to actually take action and implement Laura’s strategy, then you may be pleased to know that her entire strategy in broken down into concrete, actionable steps that you can simply follow along to get yourself up and running as a freelancer. *

*- Motivational Message. Another benefit to this program is that Laura provides a very motivational and supportive message to her students. For many the thought of embarking on a new career can be scary, even if its just a part time gig. Laura however makes it very clear that this can be a great opportunity for anyone looking for more freedom, and that you don’t need any sort of formal education or experience in order to become successful as a freelancer. *

*- A Timely Business Model. As we’ve seen over the past few decades, the job market in the USA can be quite volatile. As companies like Amazon take bigger and bigger pieces of the market share, smaller mom and pop shops and even big realtors like Toys R Us are going out of business. And then there are all the jobs getting sent overseas. Luckily though, the need for online content (articles, reports, emails etc…) is apparently increasing at a healthy rate. Beyond this, another key benefit is the freedom this business model can provide by allowing you to work the hours you choose from the remote location of your choice. *

– Money Back Guarantee. Another nice thing about this product is that Laura offers an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. This way you can go through all of the content and then decide if it is right for. I certainly feel this is a good move on her part, as she seemingly is very concerned about keeping her customers happy.

About The My Freelance Paycheck™ Special Bonus Offer?

As I noted above Laura is currently offering numerous bonus trainings along with the main training course including 2 bonus chapters, freelance project response templates, the Success Multipliers report, the audio version and the “Private Tour” video version.


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