Launch Cart™ – Is It The Best E-Commerce Storefront?

Hey, thanks for stopping by my review of Greg Writer’s brand new E-Commerce platform – Launch Cart™ (sometimes written as LaunchCart™)

In this short and to the point review I’m going to try to give you all the information that you might be looking for about this software, and sharing my own personal opinion on it.

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So lets get right into looking at what this software is all about and who it mIght be a good fit for…

What Is Launch Cart™ All About? – Basic Info…

The whole idea behind Launch Cart™ is to help their users build a complete “Launch Ready E-Commerce Storefront”.

They attempt to achieve this by giving you access to everything you need right out of the box with all of the tool and functionality built right into the platform – so you don’t need to mess around tweaking the code, installing third party apps or setting up a bunch of third party integrations.

Launch Cart™ was created by the makers of T-REXecom and PrinTech. In case you are not familiar, T-REX is a popular WP plugin for Ecom, and PrinTech is a well known Print-on-Demand company that operates a massive 165,000 square foot facility here is the USA.

*Launch Cart’s™ Cutting Edge Features: *

*LaunchCart™ was built to compete with Ecom giant Shopify™, and has numerous competitive advantages over Shopify that I will discuss further in this review. *

*Essentially the idea is that Shopify™ has numerous shortcomings, and many Shopify™ users apparently need to make massive customizations to the platform in able for it to convert at an acceptable level. *

*LaunchCart™ on the other hand is absolutely loaded with all kinds cutting edge features that have never been seen on any Ecom platform ever before. *

These features are numerous and I obviously can’t list out all of them in this post, but they mainly focus around improving conversions and providing all of the tools and functionality needed by Ecom sellers all in one place.

LaunchCart™ was built to be optimized for conversions and to help it’s users increase their average order value by building all kinds of internet marketing, direct marketing and conversion boosting tools right into their platform.

The revenue optimized features include built in optimized product page and category page layouts, optimized checkout pages, bump offers, pre-sells and up-sells – all available right out of the box.

The ability to sell Print-on-Demand products is also built right into the platform. This is in addition to the done-for-you product marketplace where users can find products that are ready to sell without any further customization.

The platform is being made available to the public on August 20th, and numerous new features such as automated follow up email sequences, text message marketing and Facebook messaging tools are all apparently on track to be added to the platforms functionality at launch time or shortly thereafter. For a full list of the current features you can visit the official Launch Cart website here…

What All Do You Get With Launch Cart™

LaunchCart™ is a very robust platform with many components and more being added all the time – but the key components are as follows:

*- Access to the brand new software platform, which was built from the start to be the best converting E-Commerce platform – including access to all of the revenue optimized features discussed above. *

– A Complete built-with-you Ecom store including any products you want to import from the marketplace (pick and choose different types of products, different niches, etc.) All hosted in the cloud, with a domain, support, and all the bells and whistles.

– 6 Months of “E-Commerce Video Training” featuring top Ecom experts providing how-to’s, tips and tricks of the trade.

– Free Print-on-Demand credits – Meaning that they actually pay the product costs for their members’ initial batch of Print-on-Demand products!

– Access to all of the brand new revenue optimized software previously mentioned that will continue to be added on a monthly basis, with free lifetime upgrades.

* What Makes LaunchCart™ So Different From Other Ecom Platforms? *

* I’ve reviewed numerous shopping carts and E-Commerce plugins over the years and I have to say that this platform is truly unique. Essentially it’s a first of its kind “launch ready” conversion optimized Ecom storefront that includes an in-depth step-by-step training program created by Ecom experts. *

Why I Recommend Launch Cart™?

There are many reasons, so I’ll just stick to the top 4 big ones for now:

*- Greg Writer’s Track Record. Greg and the guys behind LaunchCart have made quite a name for themselves in the Ecom industry. And their members’s success stories speak for themselves – you can read about some of the amazing success folks are having on the Launch Cart website here. *

*- Truly A “Launch Ready” Ecom Storefront. One of the biggest problems that new E-Commerce sellers face is dealing with all of the initial set-up, integrations and customizations required to launch their stores and get them to be profitable. With  Launch Cart™, everything is already built in and optimized to convert better than any other platform right out of the box. *

*- The Training… Understanding what it takes to be profitable in Ecom in 2018, and staying up to date on all the latest techniques and strategies is critical for your success. That’s why it’s so important to educate yourself. There’s a ton of E-Commerce training programs out there, but the training that you get with Launch Cart™ is unique and not something you’ll find anywhere else. These guys a connected and have their pulse on whats working right now. It is also structured so that even the newest newbie will be able to follow along, understand everything, and get themselves up and running quickly without the regular headaches associated with setting up a new Ecom store. *

– Low Barrier To Entry. Let’s face it, starting a new business of any kind typically requires a good bit of capital. However, with this platform you can get started very cheaply because you don’t need to pay a programmer or designed to customize anything and you don’t need a bunch of expensive third party integrations – Plus it even comes with those Print-on-demand credits, so you don’t even need to pay the initial product costs for your print-on-Demand product offerings. I’ve certainly never seen that offered anywhere else.

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