Forex Master Method Evolution™ The Truth Revealed & Special Discount!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my review of Russ Horns’s new Forex Master Method Evolution™ program.

In this quick and informative review I’m going to give you the low down on Horn’s newest program, and all of the vital info you might be looking for in order to make an informed purchase decision. Additionally I’ll also be sharing my own personal thoughts on it.

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Now lets jump right in and start taking a look at what Forex Master Method Evolution™ is all about and what kind of trader might want to give this trading system a try…

What Is Forex Master Method Evolution™ All About? – Basic Info…

Forex Master Method Evolution™ is the latest Forex trading system from veteran Forex trading guru Russ Horn. If you aren’t familiar with Russ he has been teaching his trading methods for many years now, and he has definitely made a name for himself as an expert Forex trading mentor.

Russ has explained that his trading systems constantly evolve in order to adapt to the ever changing Forex market.

* The big idea behind Forex Master Method Evolution™, is that Russ wanted to provide his students with what he refers to as a specialized “early warning system” that intends to find you hundreds of tradeable, profitable positions that Russ asserts most systems miss. *

The system includes a set of DVDs where Russ explains the rules for trading this system, footage of Russ trading live and explaining everything he is doing, a training manual, 5 custom indicators, live weekly webinars, and access to a “Strategic Profit Command Center” where students receive 6 months of coaching from Russ at no additional cost.

How Does The Forex Master Method Evolution™ Work?

Obviously because the core of Horn’s program is a specific system for effectively trading Forex, I can’t divulge any specifics.

* That said the system contains a very straight forward six-step plan that you simply follow to find profitable positions and execute trades based upon the rules of the system. *

Basically you just need to watch the training videos to learn how his system works, then you use the five included indicators to find “high-probability signals” so you can get in there and execute trades the way Horn shows you to.

What Do You Get With The Forex Master Method Evolution™ Program?

There are several components to this program, and numerous free “Profit Accelerator gifts” available inside the member’s area, so here’s just a quick look at the basics of hwat you get:

The DVDs
The system comes with 4 DVDs that introduce you to the basics of the Forex Master Method Evolution system, and it’s custom indicators. The DVDs also give you the rules for taking any kind of trade using Horn’s system as well as a full break down of every type of trade, live “over the shoulder” footage of Russ trading, and a Q&A session where Horn explains some of his more advanced trading strategies.

The Manual
The training manual gives you an in-depth education on how to best use Horn’s specialized indicators specialized indicators as an “early warning system” for what Horn calls “invisible” trade signals.

The Members’ Area
Inside Horn’s website you get a very comprehensive library of trading tools, resources, live trading webinars and all of the recordings of past webinars.

24/7 Support
In addition to basic customer support you also get access to trading support, which means that you always have access to speak with an expert who actually knows this entire system inside and can help you out with trading related matters and questions.

6 Months Unrestricted VIP Training From Russ
In addition to the support and webinars you also get unrestricted access to Russ personally. This means you can actually have Russ answer your specific trading questions or even have him go over your trades with you so that he can show you how to improve them in the future.

Forex Master Method Evolution™ Pros & Cons:

* Pro #1 – Russ’ Track Record. Over the years I’ve reviewed a ton of trading courses and Russ Horn’s are always my personal favorites. The guy simply has the best track record I’m aware of when it comes to putting out well received trainings that get results (for examples of Horn’s students’ success stories, click here.) This being the case, every time he puts out a new system it sells out very fast. *

Pro #2 – Good For Traders At Any Level. One of the best things about Forex Master Method Evolution™, as well as Horn’s previous systems, is that he keeps the system itself quite simple and straight forward. This essentially eliminates any guess work, and makes his systems ideal even for somebody who has never traded Forex before. At the same time, Horn’s systems will also appeal to advanced professional traders and all his indicators and fully customizable to suit individual preferences.

Pro #3 – 6 Months of Coaching. This is rather unique offer, considering the fact that all of the other trading coaching programs I am familiar with charge substantial monthly fees for ongoing coaching!

* Pro #4 – Full Money Back Guarantee. Horn has extended a full 60 day money-back-guarantee with this program making it essentially risk free to try out. *

Con #1 – Not The Cheapest. Of course there are cheaper programs out there that can give you laternate methods for trading Forex. This being said, there aren’t any other programs I would currently recommend at any other price.

About The Forex Master Method Evolution™ Discount?

Although Russ has valued his system, including the six full months of unrestricted VIP personal training at over $10,000 – the full course including this VIP training is currently available for only $750.

Horn’s trading systems historically sell out within a few days of being released, click the link below to see if it is still being offered.

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