Eben Pagan’s “Virtual Coach™” Independent Review & Special Discount

Eben Pagan's Virtual CoachHey, thanks for stopping by my review of Eben Pagan’s popular Virtual Coach™ program.

I’ve been a huge fan of Eben’s for many years now and consider him one of my greatest mentors (although we’ve never met in real life). So I was very excited to checkout his Virtual Coach system, and write up this independent 3rd party review for you…

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Eben first created his Virtual Coach system 3 years ago and it has become one of his most popular products of all time. Since he originally released the program it has been revised considerably, and he is now launching his brand new and updated 2019 version, that’s full of new trainings, done-for-you tools like scripts, and Eben is even holding a Virtual Coach live event, that you get to attend for free when you join his Virtual Coach program.

In the review below I’ll do my best to give you all the information that you may be looking for on this program, including an overview of the content and bonuses, my personal opinion on it, and my thoughts on who this system mIght be a good fit for… You can also use the links on this page to get a special $3,000 launch discount on the program and a bonus package valued at a staggering $28,000+!

What Is Virtual Coach™ All About? – Basic Info…

*Eben’s Virtual coach program is all about how to build a successful coaching practice where you can enjoy the benefits of having a highly profitable “lifestyle business” while transforming the lives of your clients. *

If you are reading this then I’ll assume that you already have a coaching business, or are thinking of starting one – so chances are you understand why virtual coaching is such a hot market to get into in 2019…

This is a field that just keeps growing, and the income potential is pretty incredible, so obviously this is something that a lot of people are interested in getting involved in.

That being said, if you are just getting started as a coach it can be a bit overwhelming figuring out the most effective ways to deliver super-high value coaching that’s truly worth a top-tier price tag, and of course finding and closing high-end coaching clients is something most of us could probably use some help with when we are getting started – that’s where Eben’s Virtual Coach system comes in…

*Eben’s system is designed to give you everything that you need to become a world-class coach, all in one training program. *

The program includes 90 days of step-by-step training that includes both live classes with Eben (recordings will be made available) as well as “on demand” trainings that are broken into 7 video training modules.

I’ve provided a breakdown of these trainings below. You can also click here to watch some video testimonials from Eben’s students discussing what they have gotten out of this program…

What Do You Get In Eben’s Virtual Coach Program?

*The first 4 modules of Eben’s system are all about how to deliver “high-value coaching that’s actually worth the thousands of dollars clients will invest”. *

The first module “Breakthrough Conversations” shows you how to help your clients make major breakthroughs via a simple conversation. This module provides dozens of conversation models you can keep in your arsenal and teaches a “next level coaching” model that intends to help you in supporting your clients through these massive life-changing transformations.

Module 2 – “Personal & Relationship Leadership Coaching” focuses on how to use your coaching skills to impact the important people in your life including your family and colleagues to help them be their best selves, and help your clients develop their interpersonal leadership skills in niche-specific ways.

Module 3 – “The Inner Game Of Coaching” intends to help you reach you potential as a coach and build confidence in yourself – so that you’re fully confident in the fact that you are providing massive value and so that you are able to accept the fact that you deserve the success that comes with being a top coach.

Module 4 – “Visionary Coaching” is about helping your clients to develop their own vision for their lives, and inspire them to become their best selves. It includes Eben’s blueprint for personal transformation in the areas of: purpose, mind, relationships, emotions, success, and health.

The second part of Virtual Coach is all about attracting and signing up clients.

Module 5 – “Targeting Your Personal Coaching Niche” is about branding yourself and becoming “a little bit famous” in your niche category. This module includes Eben’s own proven marketing templates you can use for yourself, and coaching from successful coaching mentors in top niches to give you the inside info on what’s working now.

Module 6 – “Branded Coaching Package Design” shows you how to put together coaching packages at the 2K-10K price point: what to name it, what to include and how to offer long-term coaching packages to keep your clients signed for anywhere from 3-12 months or more…

Module 7 – “Attract Coaching Clients” is where you learn the best places to find clients online, how to position yourself, and automatically attract ideal clients using Eben’s “”client invitation”. You’ll also see how to serve clients during the initial enrollment call and sign them up in a smooth natural way.

During this launch there is also an extra bonus module and a massive collection of bonus trainings…

About The Virtual Coach Bonuses:

During the 2019 launch of the Virtual Coach system Eben is a number of high value training programs as free bonuses. These are each full courses in there own right and have sold separately for as much as $24,000 each!

I’ve provided a list of these bonus programs below, but you can get the full detail on each of them on Eben’s website here.

– Tech Tool Trainings
– Marketing Step-By-Step
– Wake Up Productive
– Presentations That Pay
– Digital Product marketing Library
– Virtual Coach Live (live event)

Who Might Benefit From Joining Virtual Coach?

This is a high-end business training program intended for people wanting to build their businesses in the online coaching industry.

Obviously if you know anything about coaching and personal development then you know the value of getting coaching and mentorship yourself – to help you make breakthroughs, accelerate your learning, and help you take those big steps forward towards your goals.

So that being said, Eben Pagan is widely considered one of best if not the top guy in the world when it comes to helping coaches to succeed, improve their coaching skills and grow their businesses.

So if this is something you are interested in I think it makes sense to learn from the man himself!

Personally I love this guy. He’s absolutely had a huge impact on me, my success and my life’s trajectory and I highly recommend learning from him.

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