7 Figure Cycle™ The Truth Revealed & Special $494 Discount!

HHey, thanks for stopping by my review of Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton’s new 7 Figure Cycle™ program.

In this short and to the point review I’m going to try to give you all the information that you might be looking for about the product, and sharing my own personal opinion on it.

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So lets get right into looking at what this product is all about and who it moght be a good fit for…

What Is 7 Figure Cycle™ All About? – Basic Info…

* 7 Figure Cycle™ is a new online business training course created by Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, and Todd Snively that reveals a unique “cyclical” system for selling products on Amazon. *

* Granted there are a ton of Amazon business training programs on the market these days. That said I’m not aware of any others that have generated over $50,000,000 in the past few years the way this system has! *

In addition to the training, customers also receive an all-in-one tool suite of specialized software designed to streamline your use of the system.

There is also a “business in a box” aspect of the system because each customer is also being provided with a unique product that they can sell that has already been thoroughly researched and vetted by the program creators.

How Does The 7 Figure Cycle™ Work?

Obviously as a high-level business training program there is a lot to it and I certainly can’t explain everything here.

Luckily however the basic system is extremely simple

Essentially the plan is to:

* – Locate A Wholesaler (this is something that trips up a lot of Amazon newbies – however this system gives to access to a massive database of wholesalers and allows you to work with US based wholesalers rather than working with companies in China like most Amazon business training systems will encourage you to do.) *

– Select Your Product (This is done using the new software that they created specifically for use with the 7 Figure Cycle System that is designed to help you identify the most potentially profitable products.)

– Purchase The Product & Prep It For Sale

* – Send To Amazon *

– Sell Off All Product Inventory In 14 Days At +50% Margin

– Repeat the first 5 steps indefinitely!

What All Do You Get With The 7 Figure Cycle™ Program?

Again there are many components to this program, but the key components are as follows:

The Master Blueprint:

* This Aidan and Steve’s top-secret recipe that walks you through building your own lucrative Amazon business, and potentially turning a profit within days. *

The Nerve Center:

This is your “operations hub” that allows you access to Aidan & Steve’s warehouse and business infrastructure so you can easily receive, manage, prepare & ship your products without needing to build these systems for yourself.

Money Making Products:

As I mentioned – each member will get access to a fully researched money-making product, allowing you to hit the ground running and starting making sales without needing to do your own product research.

Success Predictor:

* One of the coolest features (in my humble opinion) is this proprietary data source which shows the sales velocity of many thousands of Amazon listings – enabling you to predict which products will be winners. *

The Buyers Club:

Another unique feature is access to this exclusive “buyers club” which gives you direct access to tens of thousands of products from Aidan and Steve’s personal contracts.

Profit Hunter:

This is Aidan and Steve’s new software system that analyzes thousands of products a minute.

The Seller Society:

Thos is a private, members-only online community where you can get support and advice direcly from Aidan & Steve and build relationships and business partnerships with other members.

Expert Coaching:

Finally you also get coaching, personalized support, as well as technical assistance from Aidan and Steve’s trained teamof experts.

* What Makes This Program So Different From Other Amazon Business Training Systems? *

* I’ve reviewed numerous Amazon business trainings over the years and I have to say that this system is truly unique. Essentially it’s an entirely new approach to building a business on Amazon. *

Why I Recommend 7 Figure Cycle™?

There are many reasons, so I’ll just stick to the top 5 big ones for now:

– Steve & Aidan’s Track Record. These guys have made quite a name for themselves. And simply the fact that this system has already generated over 50MM pretty much speaks for itself.

– Astounding Student Success Stories. Steve and Aidan have been teaching this kind of stuff for many years and have generated a ton of success stories. In particular this new 7 Figure Cycle™ system has generated some pretty incredible wins for their students. You can check out some of their most impressive success stories and testimonials here.

– You Don’t Need A Website, Don’t Need To Buy Traffic, Don’t Need To Do Product Development/Branding, Don’t Need To Provide Customer Support, Etc… Okay this is a few reasons rolled into one. The basic idea here is that you don’t need to do any of the slow, monotonous things most people need to do when setting up any type of online business. And that is a good thing, for many reasons, especially because it makes getting started much less intimidating.

– No Barrier To Entry. Let’s face it, starting a new business of ny kind typically requires a good bit of capital. However, with this program you can get started spending just $100 on products!

– Full Money Back Guarantee. Steve and Aidan are clearly confident (as I am) in this product, so they have a full money back guarantee available, making this an essentially risk-free purchase.

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