100K Blueprint™ The Truth Revealed & Special $1,000 Discount!

Hey, thanks for stopping by my review of Dan Dasilva’s new 100K Blueprint™ program.

In this short and to the point review I’m going to do my best to give you all the most important information that you may be looking for about the 100K Blueprint™, and sharing my own personal opinion on it.

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So lets get right into looking at what this product is all about and who it might be a good fit for…

What Is The 100K Blueprint All About? – Basic Info…

*100K Blueprint™ is a new online business training course created by Dan Dasilva that reveals a unique new form of eCommerce that has the benefit of being very easy to understand and implement – while at the same time having the potential to generate very substantial revenue in a very short period of time. *

As an aside – I’ve been studying and implementing various eCom methods since 2010 – so by this point I feel like I’ve seen it all!

The point being that these days, obviously there are a ton of eCom training programs on the market, and frankly, many are pure garbage, despite excellent marketing…

This can make it difficult figuring out which courses are actually viable, let alone determining which one is the best fit for your goals and skill-set.

*That said I’m not aware of any others that have generated $10,000,000+ a year revenue businesses for their students the way this system has. And to clarify – that is ONE STUDENT who has built an 8-figure business, not to mention 500+ verified testimonials from Dan’s other students – many of whom who have built 6 and 7-figure businesses following Dan’s model. *

You can check out some of their most impressive success stories and testimonials here.

In addition to the training, customers also receive an a unique “Profit Machine” software suite to streamline your use of the system.

*There are also private group coaching calls with Dan and his coaches that are actually using the system themselves including his coach Mario – who has generated 7-figures using the 100K Blueprint. *

How Does The 100K Blueprint Work?

Obviously as a high-level business training program there is a lot to it and I certainly can’t explain everything here.

Luckily however the basic system is extremely simple…

Essentially the plan is to:

– Find a product that fits Dan’s “3 phase criteria” (the program includes access to software tools to find these products.)

– Create a simple website with this single product (the program also includes software for setting up a customized store – built to maximize conversions – without requiring any tech or programming skills)

– Get simple listings created (Dan’s resource creates these at “studio quality” for only $20!)

– Use Dan’s ‘Blitz Bomb’ method to run very inexpensive $1.50 listings

– See which listings perform the best – and scale up the winners…

– Continue to scale by finding additional products to build these stores out with. The goal being to accumulate a portfolio of stores (this is extremely easy with the included software.)

And that’s it – rinse and repeat!

What All Do You Get With The 100K Blueprint?

Again there are many components to this program, but the key components are as follows:

1- 12 Weeks of Drip-Fed Training (proven training followed by over 800+ students)

2 – The Profit Machine software (this is the software suite that builds out your store, finds high converting products, and even uploads the products into your store for you)

3 – 6 Weeks of private group coaching calls

4 – TriFunnels Lifetime Access (this software creates sales funnels fight inside of your store to help maximize your Average Order Value AOV)

5 – Ongoing Support & Coaching – with Dan and his trained coaches.

Additionally the program includes a number of additional bonuses:

BONUS:Untouchable Ads Vault: (Value: $1,997)

​BONUS: Profit Machine: (Value: $2,995)

BONUS: Dropshipping Power Hour: (Value: $979)

BONUS: Mentorship Private Access: (Value: $1,997 / Year)

BONUS: Ads Mastery: (Value: $497)

BONUS: Email Jedi: (Value: $297)

These bonuses may be removed from the offer during the launch – you can click here to see if they are still available…

* What Makes This Program So Different From Other eCommerce Business Training Systems? *

* I’ve reviewed numerous eCom business trainings over the years and I have to say that this system is truly unique. Essentially it’s an entirely new approach to building a scalable eCommerce business. *

The other big thing that makes this program unique is the fact that it offers truly “systematic” mentorship.

Meaning that, day-to-day you get instructed on exactly what to do.

There’s new instructions every single day.

I don’t believe that this kind of “hand-holding” mentorship is available elsewhere.

Why I Recommend The 100K Blueprint?

I got into this a bit in the last section…

There are many reasons, so I’ll just stick to the top 5 big ones for now:

*- Dan’s Track Record of Student Success Stories. This guy has made quite a name for himself. And simply the fact that this system has already created a 10MM+ business for a single student pretty much speaks for itself. As I mentioned – this 100K Blueprint system has generated 500+ glowing testimonial and some pretty incredible wins for Dan’s students. *

– You Don’t Need To Use Amazon, Or Etsy, Or Search Ads, Or Do SEO, Or Buy Inventory, Etc… Okay this is a few reasons rolled into one. The basic idea here is that you don’t need to do any of the slow, expensive or monotonous things most people need to do when setting up any type of online business. And that is a good thing, for many reasons, especially because it makes getting started much less intimidating.

– Ultra Low Barrier To Entry. Let’s face it, starting a new business of any kind typically requires a good bit of capital. However, with this program you can get started spending just a couple of dollars a day on ads, and there really aren’t any other upfront costs other than the investment in the course itself.

– Full Money Back Guarantee. Dan is clearly confident (as I am) in his product, so he’s offering a full money back guarantee, making this an essentially risk-free purchase.

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